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Product characteristics

Acrylic has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, sound absorbing, heat preservation, and corrosion resistance.

1. Its light transmittance is 92%, higher than that (91%) of common glass. With the crystal clear surface, it is known as “plastic queen”.
2. With excellent processing performance, it is suitable for the comprehensive use of various processing methods and can be flexibly made into various models.
3. It is resistant to acid and corrosion, and has the surface capable of being engraved, printed or sprayed.
4. It is non-fragile, and has the surface hardness close to that of copper or aluminum.
5. With excellent weathering resistance, it is suitable for outdoor use in high-cold/heat areas, and has the heating soft point of about 100°C.
6. It is non-toxic, odorless and free from pollution, and can be used as food or medicine containers.

Product maintenance:

Temperature: As it will soften when heated to over 100°C, avoid using it in places at over 100°C.
Crack loss: As the surface hardness of acrylic is equivalent to that of aluminum, pay attention to surface protection when taking/placing the product. In case of damage, polish the product with abradant for yellow aluminum in order to recover surface.
Wipe: In order to protect the crystal clear product, wipe it with soap water in 1% concentration and clean it with soft cloth.
Thermal expansion: As acrylic has big thermal expansion, take temperature changes into consideration during placement or fixation, and prearrange expansion joints.

Product introduction:

Acrylic boards have wide application, and various finished products processed from acrylic boards are widely applied to furniture, industrial products, construction articles, craft/art articles, etc.

Main characteristics:

1. Certain light transmittance and easy processing performance
2. Good physical-chemical properties enable it to withstand the test of natural conditions and many occasions.
3. Good impact resistance.
4. High surface hardness and easy to stretch
5. High luster and cleaning convenience
6. Recycling

Typical application includes:

For furniture: Various kinds of kitchenware and bathroom equipment.
For industry: Various advertising signs, art lamp boxes, lamps and craft articles.
For construction: Various day-lighting/protective screens and skylights.
Acrylic boards are everywhere in actual life, which can be used instead of glass. 

Item Size Deviation Range Protective Film
Thickness 2mm-30mm ±0.2mm

a. Double-sided plastic protective film
b. Double-sided paper protective film

Width 1000-2000mm ±1.0mm
Length 1500-3000mm ±1.0mm
Diagonal / ±3.0mm