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Standards of pvc extruded flexible board

1. Applicable range: The product is mainly used as linings of acid/alkali corrosion resistant equipment or be used as common electrical insulation sealing gaskets, etc. The using temperature is - 20 to 40°C.

2. Technical requirements:

(1) Color: The product is white, green or brown in general and has slight chromatic aberration or spots. Products in other color can be produced according to the negotiation between users and manufacturers.
(2) Appearance: Product surface should be smooth and level and have no cracks, bubbles, obvious impurities or auxiliary materials not scattered, and slight microwaves with no hand feel are allowed to exist.
(3) Shape: The peripheral edges of the product should be tidy and smooth, and the cut section must not have any gap.

3. Packaging mark: Transportation and storage

(1) Packaging: Outer packaging of soft boards adopts woven bags of which the length and width must reach the given size in Table 1.
(2) Manufacturer name, registered trademark, product name, specifications, production date and batch number should be marked on every roll of boards.
(3) Products in transportation and storage must be prevented from being thrown, impacted and exposed to sunlight and rain.

 Regulations (mm)

Thickness mm Thickness deviation mm Length mm Length deviation % Width mm Width deviation %
2 ±0.2 10000 ±1.00 1300 ±0.50
3 ±0.3 10000 ±1.00 1300 ±0.50
4 ±0.4 5000 ±1.00 1300 ±0.50
5 ±0.5 5000 ±1.00 1300 ±0.50